Short-haul close-up magic is purposely tailored to shorter flights. You can expect 45 - 60 minutes of private performance in one go, or spread out intermittently throughout your flight. A distinction between leisure or business travel can be made in advance. We customize each performance seamlessly to your contextual setting and entertainment needs.


The long-haul close-up magic formula is specifically designed for longer flight durations. Total performance time can range anywhere between 60 to 180 minutes and is completely flexible. Intriguing breaks of elite magic are provided on a start-and-stop basis as you wish. In accordance with your preferences, we offer an extensive array of personalised services.

One call away.

No matter where you are, our Private Jet Magic specialist is ready to fly with you. The travel of the close-up magic specialist, to and from your aircraft, is fully arranged by Private Jet Magic and of no worry to you.

Got an assistant? Great! Together we’ll take care of all practicalities. Apart from our performance, we know you don't like surprises in air.

*Although we love children, Private Jet Magic does not provide entertainment for children.

We fly the extra mile.

Every performance is custom tailored to your needs. We'll go over your requirements beforehand during a video-call to determine the scope of your preferences .

Some services that can be provided by Private Jet Magic:

  • Custom deck of cards with company/team logo
  • Custom themed props and merchandise: watches, napkins, dices, tablets, ... 
  • Custom sales messages included in the performance