Enjoy first class in-flight entertainment available to just a handful private flyers.

Discover Private Jet Magic

The private jet magic experience

Share your flight schedule

At Private Jet Magic we take pride in handling all practicalities for you. Simply share the details of your flight schedule with us and we’ll be gladly waiting for you at your departure location.

Our specialist boards with you

When the aircraft has successfully departed, our specialist performs elegant top-tier magic for you at desired intervals. Leisurely unwind while we introduce novelty and variation to your elite travel experience.

Enjoy the first class spectacle

Flying high at 40.000 ft above the everyday commotion, you'll be immersed in an incredible close-up magic performance. A unique experience you’ll never forget.

Enjoy the pleasures of airborne magic. Let our specialist fly around the world with you and perform magic at your whim.

Looking to fly shortstop? We've got you covered.

Whether you are flying from London to Nice, Paris to Milan, ... we’re more than ready for you. Our short-haul program is purposely tailored to provide up to 45 minutes of entertainment. Ideal for your next short stop flight.

Across the pond. No biggie.

Are you flying long-haul? Paris to New York, London to Singapore, Amsterdam to Dubai, ...? We are ready to board with you and make this long flight unforgettable.

Our long-haul close-up magic program is tailored to provide 60 up to 180 minutes of performance. Ideal to break up the long flight.

Whatever you desire, we aspire.

Tell us the occasion and we'll set the scene. A relaxing getaway or a grand celebration, our in-flight performances are custom tailored to your needs. Your elite travel experience is our top priority.